Pet Events

   Thanks for confirming your events for the year of 2014. If you don't currently have your pet booked for a future service you'll be listed under Unbooked Pets. If you don't see someone listed for a specific date and you want it its your.  Contact me by phone email or text to book your dates. You'll then see the event booked below within one hour. If you don't see the month you need booked listed. It'`1s because that month is unbooked and is open to all dates. 

If dates are already booked for events on your needed days.  I can always do another type of service. I'm available 24/7 to my clients.  I will always find a way to make things work. 


I stopped updating pet events online for now. I couldn't keep up the online updates as they change daily.  Once I fined a better method I will contact all pet event clients.


Unbooked Pets

Ginger, Prince,  Mack, Molly

Scrappy, Jackson,  Simba...

Events for the month of June/July






Events for the month of August

(The KIng)

8/8 - 8/10/2014




Events for the month of November


11/26/14 - 11/28/14