Rain went away now let's have some fun!!

Now that the sky's are blue again... Or off blue sometimes smoggy grey. You get what I'm saying!! It's time for something new and fun. I've started to do random daily periscopes. Periscope lets you video moments of your day. While others can watch and even send you a comment or two. I've been testing it out and it's fun. The quality of the video could be better at time. I do fined using clients wifi very helpful for fixing that issue. Please please if you want to be apart of it. Then let me know your wifi info when you can. I'm 100% sure your dog will be apart of the fun😬. I have some demo videos up now with 


Zeues & Jade (of course)



with more to come. They'll all be short and sweet. One thing I've taken away from watching periscope is how boring it can be if you don't know when to leave. I make it short and sweet. I say hi and maybe throw out a update on the animal I'm with. Then I'm out!  all videos will have the animals name first. 

If you're on android here's the link


if you're on an iPhone or iPad the link is


my name is markspetcare add me😇 

 Cute picture of the week

Walter's so cute

Walter's so cute

Oh!! One thing I forgot to mention about the Periscope videos. They go away after 24 hours so check in often as they will definitely go away. I just had six or seven go away just now.  it reminded me🙂