Blog update… I'm sorry

Sorry everybody I've been meaning to write an update to the blog for awhile. Christmas time was a little nuts so I took a break from it. I was then expecting to get back to writing updates on a regular basis in January. It just wasn't happening and I apologize. I will also be doing a more regular...hopefully weekly update as well.  I'll going into more details of some of my adventures. First thing to bring up is that I know I mentioned surprise change that was coming. After researching and speaking with some people I decided I'm not going to do this new thing... Yet. I'm not going to go into any detail right now. I'm going to leave it as a possible future surprise.

Below is a video that I took about six months working on to make. It's staring Jade, Vega and my big goofball buddy Zeus. I'm very happy how it came out. I'm in love with my new iPad Pro it made this video extremely easy and possible to make.

Pictures from the video in hd. Also different sizes for your wallpaper😬



I have a new furry friend and her name is Martini. She was a rescue pup from .  I wasn't looking to take on a new puppy.  I was very busy at at the time and  wasn't sure if it would work out. As you all know. Once I take you on as a client. I'm all in for what ever you need from me. For that reason I was worried about committing. After speaking with her mom and dad. I decided I wanted to help. I decided that I would work it out. They've been great with working with me and my schedule.  I'm glad I decided to take her on because she's wonderful. She's obviously very very cute. I'm glad I get to be a part of her life now. Plus it gives Pixie a new friend. I have a new video of them that I'm working on now. I will post as soon as I can.