So much stuff to do. So little time.. 

  Sorry it's been so long since my last post. The big surprise I had didn't happen. Maybe it will in the future well see😐. I'm still working with the poodles. I've taught chase to sit stay and come. John Henry on the other hand hasn't gone as well. He's super sensitive to... Everything!!! With that I fined I lose control of him. What I mean by that is he starts to panic. Then he fights with me on the leash. He's going in for a surgery on Wednesday. Than he's moving to a new home on the beach. My thinking is this may be what's best for him. As his current living situation with all the dogs and people may be to much for him. I'll get updates once and awhile from the breeder. I still have my star pupal though. He's a very sweet boy and clearly wants to learn.  

My buddy Zues has been getting into trouble lately in his new house. He misses his old puppy companion and has destroyed a couche to let us no that he's not happy. 

 He's lucky he's super cute

He's lucky he's super cute

I lost one of my longest clients last week. They where with me for over twenty years. They sold their place in Martinez. They plan to build a great new place in Nevada. I hope they do well out their. I'll miss their pups.  

Thats about all that's going on right now. I'll post a new update soon.