I lost 250$ and all I got for it was this sad story

    A couple months ago I registered a very nice family for future pet care. They have two great pets.... Wait! make that three pets. I'll go into that a little more Later. The first service happend right away. They where  beyond happy with the care I gave their animals. She also let me know how appreciative they where they found me. I've always had very nice honest clients over the years.  I'm very thankful for that. About three weeks later they book another service. They leave me a key and ask me to hold on to it for future service. All was good in my world at this point. This was also during the time when things where a bit crazy. I was in the middle of a big overnight set. I talked a bit about it below.  It's clear I was exhausted and working long days. About a week in to the service they tell me the house is being sold. They want a guy to imedietly come by to show the house. This was a house with a large dog and a cat living it it.  The cat was large as well ๐Ÿ˜บ.  I started to get a little concerned with the situation. Not to mention they never told me they have a fish in a bowl in a back bedroom! It survived seven days with no food before I found him. I saved his life๐ŸŽ‰. Now back to the adventure.  Anyone who's looked at houses knows it involves strangers walking in and out of every door of the home.  I wasn't comfortable with where things where going. They asked me to come by to let the realtor in. Like always I want to help my clients. I offered to give them the only free time I had to catch up on some sleep to help out. I go over and sit and sit and sit.... No one shows up๐Ÿ˜. It turned out to be a waste of a trip. I then get asked if I could do it again in the evening. Like always Mark wants to help!!  I go over and sit and sit and sit... No one shows up.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.  At this point I'm done with the house showing.  Before I forget  all this fun stuff started happening right when the communication fell off the map with the client.  Everyone who knows me knows I have two rules. The first one is good communication. If I don't have that especially in situations like this it can be trouble. Every text I sent would pretty much go unanswered for hours. This made things even more difficult.  The second rule I have is the safety of the animal has to be the number one priority. For me it's the most important thing. If I feel the animal doesn't have a safe situation while doing a registration I let the client know what my concerns are. I'm not going to tell anyone how to care for their animal. I may give advice if asked. Oh yeah I give tons of advice if asked๐Ÿ˜„  Bottom line is for me to be the animals care provider I need the situation to be 100% safe in my eyes. With that line of thinking it's equally important the client feels 100% comfortable with me.  I felt the safety of the two animals where in question. I let the client know of my concerns.  She understood and agreed they would hold off until they got home the following week. I was so relieved and my stress level went back to normal๐Ÿ˜. Then no more than twenty four hours later I get a text. "Can you go over so he can show the house."  Boom! Goes my stress again. The first thing I said was "we agreed to wait". I wasn't doing any more trips just to sit for someone who may or may not show up. I also felt I went up and beyond what any other normal pet sitter would do in my shoes. We finally came to the understanding that the realtor was going to take over sitting for the animals. I did not like this one bit. It was the clients decision. I had no say in the matter. At this point I thought it was over. Nope not even close! I get asked to come back and finish until they get home. All I want to do  is help my clients with their animals. I don't take breaks, vacations or holidays. I do what I do because I enjoy being their for the animals. Anyone who knows me knows this is the truth. I think about it for a bit and sent the client a long text explaining my concerns. The biggest concern is the animals safety. I can't be responsible for animals if I don't feel the situation is safe. I asked to talk to the realtor. I needed to know what was to come. He told me he was going to have strangers coming in and out all week. That to me sounded bad very bad. On top of that the realtor was super rude to me. I just couldn't come back with all that was going on. I told the client. She was bummed but understood. She even told me she was going to send me pictures of the trip once back. I felt everything was good. Then the week they came back I sent a text checking in. I wanted to make sure all was well. I got no response back. Then eventually I got one of them to answer the phone. They let me know they would leave a check in the next few days. Then nothing for about a week. I decided to stop by today since I never heard back from them. I walked up to a completely empty house ๐Ÿ˜‘   Yes I let them take advantage of me. Yes I was taken for a bit of money. Did I instantly feel like the client sitter trust was lost and things had to change. Oh yeah! I was mad. No one wants to be taken advantage of. To be honest it hurt allot. In the end though it doesn't change anything. I'm still going to trust my clients. I'm still going to bend over backwards to help anyone I can. It's what I signed up for. ๐Ÿ˜Š