Calm week

This weeks been nice and calm. I've had three nights of sleeping at home in my own bed. I also had lots of sweet time with my kitty's. Nadia's been missing me allot. She's been super needy but that's ok I like a cute needy cats😊. I did have one bummer thing happen this week. One of my good buddy's grizzly's been a little under the weather. He had a big fun weekend at the his favorite puppy resort. He came back sore and developed a major kennel cough. Monday and Tuesday we kept things mellow. He didn't like that as he's a young wild child. Wednesday his cough was still pretty bad but his foot was better. We had a nice walk. 

Grizzly playing

Monday sad pup wanting to play

I did get the chance this week to see one of my new favorite dogs "Jax". He's a cute and sweet Multi colored pup. He loves to go for walks and play in the yard. He also has four cat companions to hang with during the day. I don't get to see him that often but when I do I make sure we have plenty of fun.