My Weekend With Walter

  Walter's a three your old rescue from The Milo foundation. He's a very sweet pup but also a very shy one. He loves his people and he loves his people's grandparents... Allot!! I found that out this weekend.  He's very cautious with me but has warmed up quite a bit compared to the beginning. I see him at least twice a week and occasionally for overnights. Everything was going great for the first two nights. Then the third night when I arrived he started running around the house. I would catch him laying on my bed. Then I would catch him in my clients bedroom. He followed that up with a trip to the front door. He then ran back into his little area. I had no idea what was going on. All I know was this is not a normal Walter Behavior.  After some time thinking about it I just assumed he heard something outside.  I then let him out in the back. He quickly ran around to the back of the house. Again this made me feel that he was looking for an animal. Or something that he thinks he heard. Come to find out what he was really doing was looking for one of his favorite friends. The grandparents of my clients are a couple of Walters very very best friends. One of them was working on the yard that day. He must've come in a couple times because Walter was clearly looking for him.  So much so he caused a little bit of damage To the blinds. Shown here

After that he came in and went to sleep. That was quite an ordeal for the tiny dog! It clearly pooped him out.  For the the next two days like the first two Walter was perfect. He would come out and watch tv with me. 

Then the following morning he would sit with me on the lawn while I had my breakfast and yawn with me

Then that night the clients got home.  They realized that Walter had hurdled the gate and got into some mischief. When I say hurdle The gate it's like the equivalent of somebody who's 5"4 dunking a basketball. Sure it can be done (spud web). You just don't expect it from a tiny body. Walter got some major puppy air.  Oh! And the last thing and my favorite thing about the last four days is every time I woke in the morning I woke to this. I'll talk more about these two in future posts =)