The adventures of Pixie

Pixie is a seven month old pup. She's a rescue from the Milo Foundation. When I originally registered the client I registered them for a dog they thought they were getting named Rosie. Things didn't quite work out with that dog. A few weeks later they went back in to see a dog named Pixie. They did not leave without her. Their daughter immediately decided this was the dog that she wanted to take home. I don't do a lot of puppy mingling between clients animals. I find it better to keep things simple and do each client individually. Pixie though became an exception to that rule. She's friends with every dog she's meets. Based on the clients location and the time flexibility she had.  I immediately was able to get her a new friend. I have a Chihuahua that Like Pixie I walk five days a week. She's a chihuahua named Precious. She had a friend that I would bring over on a regular basis. They liked each other so much.  Sadly out of the blue he got very sick and passed. Precious lost her good friend Mac. I always kept a look out to find her a new friend. I definitely found that friend for her in Pixie. 


Pixie becomes friends with every dog she meets including one of my favorites Walter.

The above video is her with her Latest friend Zohie. She's a five year old two time mom. She's been desperate for some puppy attention. I think I have that covered with Pixie😄