Baby Sit Service/Day Overnight 40$-55$

This is quickly becoming one of my more popular services. Do you have special needs pets. Or maybe a sick animal that needs around the clock care. Or do you just want to get out for a movie and you don't trust your little ones with the house. This is where I come in to save the day. =)  I offer this service on the weekends and afternoon/evening times.  I offer my time of up to three hours.  Anything past that I charge 60$ for the time you're away.  If this happens it's changed to a day overnight. What do I offer with this service other then my time.  Allot, I tend to call this time puppy play time.  As most of the time a client books this time to ether administer medication needs.  Or doggie playtime!!!!  I will walk feed and play with your pooch for the time i'm there. Or if he or she needs a leg to sleep on i'm their for that to. I become fill in you for the allotted time i'm their.